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Tue Jan 31 @ 7:30PM - 8:30PM



 A feature-length documentary  following passionate seed keepers protecting our 12,000-year old food legacy. RESERVE YOUR TICKETS gathrfilms.zendesk.com

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 Public Comments Wanted: Dept. of Ecology, Dept. of Energy, and more

Comments do not need to be technical in nature, just voice your concerns.


Wanted: Citizen Advisor Group on WA State Hydraulic Code

WDFW is looking for nominees for a citizen advisory group regarding implementation of the state’s Hydraulic Code, primarily designed to protect fish in Washington waters. As fish conservation relates to the health of birds, other wildlife, and human communities, you may consider serving on this WDFW advisory group. The Hydraulic Code is a readily used (and sometimes abused) law in Washington state. In particular, they are looking for candidates in eastern Washington with environmental interests.  Contact Jen Syrowitz (jsyrowitz@audubon.org or 206-652-2444 ext 108) for more info.



Wanted: Witnesses in a Clean Water Act case

Columbia Riverkeeper is looking for people to be witnesses in a Clean Water Act case to stop pollution.  Witnesses must be people who (1) are concerned about toxic pollution and aquatic life in the Columbia River, and (2) fish, boat, swim, hike, or do other things in or near the Columbia River between the Tri-Cities and Umatilla (or nearby).  If this is you, I'd really like to talk with you about being a witness. 

Being a witness probably won't take much of your time, but it helps Riverkeeper build an air-tight legal case to reduce the amount of toxic pollution a company puts into the Columbia.
If you can help, please email or call Miles Johnson, Clean Water Attorney, Columbia Riverkeeper, 111 Third St. Hood River, OR 97031  miles@columbiariverkeeper.org 541.490.0487.