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    What is gogreentricities.org?

Go Green Tri-Cities highlights green businesses, organizations, resources, and events in the Tri-Cities, WA. It was created using funds raised for environmentally related activities and events in the Mid-Columbia under the direction of the Sustainable Energy and Environmental Network. The purpose is to promote eco-friendly living by presenting options available in the area, including information on a variety of businesses that offer green products and services. Sponsors this year include City of Richland, Energy Northwest, Tri-City Herald, Battelle, Benton County Solid Waste, City of Pasco and KURION, Inc. Read More...

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 Tips on how to be Green for the Holidays

 New Dream's annual Simplify the Holidays campaign is back this year, with even more tips and resources for keeping the holidays more about loved ones and less about stuff. For example, create your own coupon book and give gifts of memories, not more stuff.   www.newdream.org/programs/beyond-consumerism/simplify-holidays

 More ideas at www.simplifyholidays.org, or go to www.ci.richland.wa.us/greenholiday for eco-friendly gift ideas, ways to save energy during the holidays, and recycle & and reuse tips for after the holidays.

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Old-Fashioned Country Christmas with Santa

Dec. 18-20, 2014

Santa Claus, bonfire, hot cocoa, and horse-drawn wagon rides.  Thursday, December 18 to Saturday December 20 from 3:30-5 pm at the Red Mountain Trails barn.  27314 Ambassador PR NE, Benton City, WA 99320.  $10 for kids 5 and up.  Reserve at  www.redmountaintrails.com/santa or call 888-414-1619.  Professional photographer on hand for photos or bring your own camera.

Holiday Horse-drawn Wagon Rides: Hot Cocoa, bonfire, and half-hour wagon ride in our decorated wagon.  Wednesdays – Sundays.  Rides depart every hour starting at 5:30 pm with the last ride at 8:30 pm until 12/31/14 at the Red Mountain Trails barn.  27314 Ambassador PR NE, Benton City, WA 99320. $25. Reserve space at www.redmountaintrails.com/reservations or call 888-414-1619.


   WA State Dept. of Ecology - Public Comment Period

  Details of draft fish consumption rule released- Washington Depart. of Ecology – NEWs, Sept. 30, 2014

Ecology expects to issue a formal draft rule in Jan. 2015 and will invite public comments.

  The WA Depart. of Ecology is making details of the preliminary draft rule available for early review.

  “The majority of our concerns about toxics come not from big pipes but from the every-day chemicals in our environment. We are working with business, local government, and tribes on a proposal to prevent the use of largely unregulated toxic chemicals the Clean Water Act cannot address,” said Gov. Inslee. “Allowing these toxics to continue exposing our children and getting into our waterways is costly to clean up and damaging to public health. Prevention is the more effective way to protect Washington’s people and environment.”

 The new preliminary draft rule proposes standards for how clean our waters need to be, and would control pollution limits for businesses and municipalities that discharge waste water. The rule contains a unique provision that no standard would allow more pollution than today’s standard, except arsenic that occurs naturally. Seventy percent of the standards would actually enhance protection by requiring cleaner water.

 Ecology’s preliminary draft rule would increase the fish consumption rate from 6.5 grams a day (about one serving a month) to 175 grams a day (about one serving a day) to better reflect current data and protect Washingtonians who eat a lot of fish. The calculation also includes a 10-5 input for the cancer risk rate, up from the previous input of 10-6.

Ecology also completed an extensive preliminary economic analysis that shows the new water quality standards would create minimal costs to industries and local governments that discharge waste water.

 Ecology’s proposal includes further clarification about flexible implementation tools that industries and local governments could use to achieve the new water quality standards.

 What this means for industries and local governments: 

·         They would not be required to clean up pollution that they didn’t cause.

·         Compliance schedules or variances could allow them to meet new standards over a specific period of time if they are demonstrating measurable progress and are on a path to meet standards as soon as possible.


 Ecology’s proposal is directly tied to a broader toxics-reduction package Gov. Inlsee will propose to the 2015 Legislature. It will address larger pollution challenges that the Clean Water Act alone can’t solve.

 Details about the preliminary draft rule can be found on Ecology’s website.