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Bird Song Recognition
Tuesday 28 May 2019, 07:00pm
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David Droppers, Environmental Education


Ever been on a birding trip, and those magical birding wizards, with their perked ears, can identify just about anything that tweets, chirps, and trills? Ever wish you could do that, but wouldn't know how to begin?


Well, David's going to show you how! With a few pointers, and lots of patience, you too can up your birding game! Learn the methods to birding by ear, some of the many challenges to doing so, as well as fun stories gained along the way.


Make 2019 the year you finally learn to bird by ear!


David Droppers has been teaching courses on topics from birds to butterflies to trees to microorganisms for a variety of groups, including college biology courses and non-profit environmental groups. He has put his expertise to work for the National park Service, Forest Service, University of Washington, and Woodland Park Zoo, among many others. He is ecstatic about sharing his passion for the natural world with others who wish to learn. His enthusiasm is said to be contagious!


David received his Bachelor's degree in Environmental Science and Resource Management from the University of Washington, and his Master's degree in Environmental Education from Western Washington University.


Location Benton PUD 2721 W 10th Ave, Kennewick