How to hand wash your dry-clean-only clothes

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Hand-washing you dry-clean-only clothing at home is an environmentally friendly alternative, and saves money too!

 Wet Cleaning Wool and Silk

  • Hand wash in a sink by gently swirling the clothes in cool water; never twist or wring out wool or silk.
  • Use a mild detergent with a pH below 7 for wool, such as Infinity Heavenly Horsetail, available in health food stores. A mild liquid castile soap such as Dr. Bronner’s baby soap is best for cleaning silk, since it won’t strip the natural oils. Any harsh lye-based soap with a pH above 10 will destroy silk.
  • If necessary, spot clean with vinegar or lemon juice, but test for dye color fastness first.
  • Gently press water from the fabric. Block wool—lay it flat on a towel and stretch it to the correct size and shape—before drying; it will dry to the blocked size. Wool is resilient and recovers quickly from wrinkling if hung.
      Hang dry silk. 
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  • Rayon absolutely must not be agitated at all; it is a weak fiber and shrinks easily.
  • Follow washing directions for cleaning wool and silk, with one big difference: rayon is an alkaline fabric, and acidic detergents can harm
    the fabric. Don’t spot clean rayon with acidic vinegar. Most all-purpose detergents will be fine to use, or a liquid castile soap.
    Even a harsh detergent won’t harm rayon.
  • Gently press out water, and hang dry.
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Tip: it is the agitation of wool, silk and rayon that causes the shrinkage of the fabric, not just hot water. Even the agitation of the gentle cycle in a washing machine is too much agitation for these fabrics. Make sure to spot-test the fabric for colorfastness first

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